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Retro Music Box site goes live!

May 12 2015

Signing our lives away!

After countless hours of scouring Perth for the best retro bands and acts, mulling over design plans, talking to our clients, writing, collecting photos, editing video, drinking coffee and getting WordPress–related RSI, the Retro Music Box website is finally live!

This website is the culmination of a little idea of ours (Dom D’Leno and Amy Rosato), when we found ourselves involved in many bands all with a retro or vintage theme, and we thought, why not put them all in one place for people to find?

Read more about how we got started here.

Our aim with this website was not only to provide a place where events can book amazing bands, but also to create a retro music hub and a way to keep a finger on the pulse of this scene in Perth and beyond. (Sign up to our mailing list to stay ahead of the news!)


Dom with Gregory & Trevor pre-RMB days!

Gregory Bruyer, Trevor Hutchison and the incredible team at Clever Starfish worked with us over many months to design and build the perfect website for our new business. With many hours spent seeing live music themselves and having a big interest in the retro/vintage scene in Perth, they were 100% invested in the project, and totally committed to making our vision come to life. We will be ever grateful for their input and hard work!

Rowena O’Bryne-Bowland from The Write Words provided much support in helping to mold our words and create our tag-lines, working with us to bring out the distinct character of each of the bands – thanks Ro!

Many more bands and acts will be added to the site in the coming months (you can also like us on Facebook to stay updated) and we are excited to think about plans for our first showcase event, coming in late 2015.

So please grab a cuppa and take a look around, then head over to the contact page to let us know what you think! Enjoy!


Dom & Amy

Retro Music Box

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